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We build State-of-the-Art Algorithms.



Success  is achieved through rigorous research and development.

Our decisions are driven by sophisticated systematic strategies, rather than discretionary decisions.
Mathisys is founded on the very principle that success in quantitative trading is achieved through rigorous research and development. It is on this principle that Mathisys is using some of the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies deployed currently in this field including the latest developments in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.



Not your usual startup.

Mathisys is a merger of outstanding professionals from Quadeye Trading LLC and Liberty Capital Research. All seven partners of Mathisys have extensive experience in Quantitative and Algorithmic trading in global markets – collectively more than 100 years – and in a wide range of asset classes, including equities and derivatives, commodities, FOREX and Fixed Income.

Besides the pedigree, experience and financial strength of its founders, Mathisys also carries the full legacy of the powerful strategies (in High Frequencies as well as in Medium Frequencies and Statistical Arbitrage) developed over the past ten-plus years at Liberty, NGSQ, and Quadeye.

One of the partners is Dr. Nicholas Kondakis , President & CEO of Matisys Technologies Hellas, and NGSQ International in New York, a consulting firm specializing in designing and deploying state-of-the-art quantitative algorithmic investment strategies in the global financial markets.

His 25-year experience spans several asset classes including global equity, bond, foreign exchange and commodity markets. He manages strategies ranging from ultra low latency, high frequency to medium frequencies and beyond and has directed several multi-scientist research and development teams in executive positions at quantitative hedge funds.



The Story of Success.

Our advanced trading models evolve by “learning” from data.

Global Expansion


Turning a New Page.

Given its endowment of strategies, know-how and cutting-edge technologies, Mathisys is currently in the process of rapid expansion with the simultaneous recruitment of all needed talent in all four locations, i.e. USA, Greece, India, China. 
Professionals joining now will have the opportunity to interact with an experienced team of strategists and will be trained to successfully carry out the development, production and support of the existing strategies as well as develop even more sophisticated new ones.

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